Nu Choons Episode #004

Entering the studio for the first time is the DJ Brons – welcome on board mate!

Definitely more of a liquid vibe for this podcast (apologies to the Jump Up crew). We’ll try to make amends with #005. As before, track listing for this podcast is as follows…

  1. dBridge – Inner Disbelief – Exit Records (EXIT018)
  2. S.T. Files – Fatsoul – Soul:R (SOUL:R 042)
  3. Subway Funk – Don’t Let Me Down – Silk Recordings (SILKD002)
  4. Mutt – Conversations (feat. Kevin King) – C.I.A. Deep Kut Records (CIADK021)
  5. Ross D – Highway Patrol – Liquid Brilliants Records (LQBDIG028LP-P2)
  6. Spinback and Gwange – The Execution (Serum Remix) – C.I.A. Limited (CIALTD015)
  7. Drumlinezz – Just When We Thought It Was Over – Liquid Brilliants Records (LQBDIG028LP-P2)
  8. S.P.Y. – Dark Age – C.I.A. (CIA049)
  9. Mutated Forms – Storm In A Teacup – Allsorts (ALLSORTS015)
  10. Amaning – Trans-Atlantic Love (feat. Flowpro) – Allsorts (ALLSORTS016)
  11. Command Strange – Agaom – Fokuz Records (FOKUZ 2009-011)
  12. Paul SG and Andy Sim – Indigo – Think Deep Recordings (TDR001)
  13. Submorphics – Don’t Fade Away – Fokuz Records (FOKUZ 2009-011)
  14. M.I.S.T. – Clockwork (feat. DRS) – Soul:R (SOUL:R 043)
  15. DJ Marky and Makoto – Togetherness (2009 Edit Mix) – Human Elements Digital (HE:Digital)

Correction: Apologies to Silk Records, which is not an Australian label as stated on the podcast (label hails from Russia).

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2 Responses to “Nu Choons Episode #004”

  1. Benn Says:

    Nice Mix Brons

  2. Munchie Says:

    Ahhhhhhhh DJ Gherardi is in DA HOUSE! hehe
    the starfish is very proud of you mate

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