Nu Choons Episode #005

The DJ Homebrew is back in the studio as we deliver a weighty selection of drum-n-bass choons for your listening pleasure… with a couple of cruisy numbers added to balance things out (Homebrew started it, honest!)

Track listing for the headz out there:

  1. Break – Late Drop – Critical Music (CRIT042)
  2. Soulmatic – Hold Me – Intrinsic Recordings (INTRINSIC013)
  3. Expect – Brief Encounter – Hustle Audio (HUSDEP03)
  4. Seba – Painted Skies – Secret Operations (SECOPS014)
  5. Lenzman – Rags to Riches – Shogun Audio (SGN018)
  6. Camo and Krooked – Mindset – Beta Recordings (BETA021)
  7. Deadmau5 – Strobe (DJ Marky and SPY Remix) – Redking Records Inc (RKR220110002)
  8. N.Phect and Fourward – White Noise Down – Fokuz Recordings (FOKUZ038)
  9. Muffler – Electrolux – Maximum Audio (MA006)
  10. Danny Byrd (feat. Liquid) – Sweet Harmony (Jungle Mix) – Hospital Records (NHS160DD)
  11. Netsky – I Refuse – Spearhead Records (SPEAR029)
  12. The Square, Blue Motion, and Sconeboy(!) – Love In My Heart – Fokuz Records (FOKUZ2010001)
  13. Sub Focus – Could This Be Real (Sub Focus DnB Remix) – RAM Records (RAMM82)
  14. Sabre (feat. Ulterior Motive) – Barefoot – Critical Recordings (CRITLP04S)
  15. Bassment Jaxx – Twerk (feat. Yo Majesty) – XL (XLS475DL)

Corrections: Two stuff ups this time round… firstly I referred to Shogun Audio as Signature for Lenzman’s track. I keep doing this – no idea why! Secondly, Kirsty Hawkshaw does vocals on the A side, not the B side as played. I blame Homebrew for writing it down wrong on the play sheet 😉

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2 Responses to “Nu Choons Episode #005”

  1. Salamandro Says:

    Hey there,

    episode #5 has been on my phone the last few days and I really liked your choice of music. There are only two things that got a little on my nerves:
    Talkover rise/fall of volume is much too sensitive. Pushtotalk or fix to that would greatly increase the listening experience…
    And secondly: Please don’t _over_ the drop… It completely spoils the moment if you shout “drop!”, the volume gets tuned down and the effect gets completely lost.


  2. jdnb Says:

    ‘sup Salamandro. Cheers for the feedback. It’s really good to know there are people out there digging on what we’re doing.

    You’re not the first to criticise the DJM-700’s talk over function, and trust me I know I need to find another solution. I just don’t know what’s out there. I’ve talked with some local guys and they just stare at me blankly… I would love to know what London Elektricity uses for this Hospital Podcast. Should probably email and ask 🙂

    And apologies for talking over the drop. I should definitely know better! I will try my best to remember to not do it again. Just need to remind the guest DJ’s as well hahaha

    Stick with the podcast, and if you want to send out some shouts to friends, let me know 🙂

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