Nu Choons Episode #006

Episode #006 touches down with a new selection of tunes as well as a new guest – DJ Bass. Nice one bruv!

  1. The Green Man – Airwaves (from the Basswerk dc1 digital LP) – Basswerk (BWDC01)
  2. Human Factor and T-Muniz (feat. Lliw) – Hidden Memories – Sunrize Recordings (SRZD004)
  3. Edward Oberon – Paradise – Creative Source (CRSE059)
  4. SubSid and m25 – Rio – Silk Recordings (SILKD004)
  5. Sonic – Piano Anthem – Hopsital Records (NHS161)
  6. Sol.ID and Dave Schichman – Breaking the Habit (from the Sol.ID and Friends EP) – Basswerk (BWF039)
  7. Lenzman (feat. Riya) – Bittersweet – SGN:LTD (SGN018)
  8. S.P.Y. – Feel the Music – Spearhead Records (SPEAR031)
  9. Camo and Krooked – Tonight (from the Above and Beyond EP) – Mainframe Recordings (MFREP001)
  10. Dub Tao – East of Underground (Bungle Remix) – Hard Edged (HEDGE023)
  11. Modified Motion and Faction – Don’t Go – Dynamic Audio (DAUK004)
  12. Young Ax – Something Like This – Suga Phonic (SUGA002)
  13. 2DB – Turkish Delight – Worldwide Audio Recordings (WAR023)
  14. Well Being – Storms by Street Light – Influenza Media (INMD006)

Corrections: Man, this is doing nothing for our reputation… right, so you know how I said back in episode #004 that Silk Recordings wasn’t Australian, but rather Russian? Well I owe the DJ Brons (and Silk Recordings!) an apology. It is Australian – – and I quote… “We are an all new Australian/New Zealand Drum Bass label located in Melbourne Australia.” I blame (or wherever I read that it was Russian…)

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