Nu Choons Episode #007

Finally the return of the Nu Choons podcast! Apologies once again for the long break. Have a listen for my various excuses 🙂

Running solo for this one but that certainly didn’t effect the quality of the tracks (well I didn’t think so hehe)

  1. Artificial Intelligence (feat. dBridge) – Three’s a Crowd – V Records (PLV007)
  2. Jubei (feat. S.P.Y.) – Project 1 (from Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained EP) – Metalheadz (METH083)
  3. Phobia (feat. Baron Von Alias) – Voyager – Ingredients Records (RECIPE006)
  4. Friction and K.Tee – Overtime (Spectrasoul Remix – from Shogun Evolution EP Series One) – Shogun Audio (SHA032)
  5. Big Bud – Biggest Bhuddist – Soundtrax (FILM031)
  6. Naibu – Along (from Discrete EP) – Horizons Music (HZN038)
  7. Survival (feat. Christina Nicola) – Got Me – Audio Tactics (AT007)
  8. Ray Keith – Freedom (Vocal Mix) – Penny Black (PBL003)
  9. Jubei – Alignment (from Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained EP) – Metalheadz (METH083)
  10. Scott Unknown – Golden (from Liquid Brilliants Riders Vol.1) – Liquid Brilliants (LQBDIG030)
  11. Netsky – Eyes Closed – Allsorts (ALLSORTS018)
  12. Drumsound and Bassline Smith – Clap Your Hands – Technique Recordings (TECH065)
  13. Netsky – Smile – Allsorts (ALLSORTS018)
  14. Random Movement – Back In My Life – Driven AM Recordings (#005)
  15. Vital Elements – Cosmic Beings – Grid Recordings (GRIDUK034)
  16. Taxman – Dreamland – Liq-Weed Ganja Recordings (LIQWEED015)

Will be on the Gold Coast all next week (attending AusCERT security conference) so hope to have #008 recorded and up the week after.


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8 Responses to “Nu Choons Episode #007”

  1. Christian Says:


    The mixing of your music and voice though is really harsh, like it drops in and out. Can you fade in your voice-overs more smoothly or is this a technical thing?

    Keep up the mixes dude!

  2. jdnb Says:

    Hey man, cheers for the feedback!

    I know the ducking is pretty average (it’s governed by the mixer – Pioneer DJM-700) and there’s no way to change it. To be honest I’m not sure how to fix this. I have asked around and I haven’t as yet received any decent advice. It’s funny though, as when I listen to it on my iPod I think it sounds fine but I guess people listen to it using different means so that will change how it sounds. I need to spend more time adjusting the mic settings as the acoustics here are very different to the old place 🙂

  3. devilbond Says:

    I concur with Christian – though the problem is hard wired. The DJM drops the mix by -20db, where normally around -12db should suffice, and it drops it pretty hard instead of a smoother fade.

    Can you talk into a third channel and have that always-live while your talking and mix it out when you’re getting your rinse on, or not?

  4. jdnb Says:

    *sigh* … pretty much the sole reason for buying the DJM-700 was for the talkover function, which is being panned all over the place. D’oh!

    Ok, just so you know I am working on a solution but it’s taking some time to sort out. What I hope to have at the end is fully customisable compression applied to the music which is triggered by the input detected on the mic track. I’ll spare you the details for now, but I will post my solution if/when I get it all sorted.

    So in meantime I’m afraid there’ll have to be more “rude-ass” ducking as I want to keep putting out shows and I don’t know how long it will take before I get this solution all sorted out.

    Patience people, patience 🙂 This is annoying me as much as it’s annoying you – well actually it’s annoying me a whole lot more but I will win and isn’t that what it’s all about in the end hehe

  5. devilbond Says:

    Nice – Hey I got iTunes to download Ep7 by the way… hitting unsubscribe / subscribe in iTunes didn’t work, but going to your site and reclicking the iTunes button did… once I found it! ;P

  6. Accel Says:

    loving the site jdnb and Shouts from NZ!
    Andy – Accel

  7. Accel Says:

    ps that Taxman 12 is pure liquid goodness!

  8. jdnb Says:

    Big ups to the Accel in NZ at the moment. I hear you’re having an awesome time – good stuff!

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