Had an email waiting for me from GoDaddy support, telling me my account was pwn3d. Checked out the site and found a file called x.txt that contained some shouts and links to some random site. Apparently the “TURKISH HACKER” had paid a visit. Good work GoDaddy, or more likely good work WordPress 3.0.1…

Anyway, back from holidays and ready to go with new podcasts. Had a crack at the stupid iTunes error thing but can’t solve it so you’ll just have to refresh your podcast list to get new episodes. Ehh, one click is worth getting a new episode 😉

Take it easy,


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2 Responses to “H4x0r3d!”

  1. jami Says:

    did you have fun? Well… Anyways hope you’ll be making new podcasts even if iphone or computer users have to ‘click’ more… ‘cos im using my nokia phone and your podcasts work perfectly… I Hope you play some pendulum on ur podcasts in future… Well keep up the good work

  2. jdnb Says:

    Hey Jami, thanks for the post! Nice to finally get something other than spam posted to the site 🙂

    The Dj Bass and I will be recording a new podcast tomorrow night, so I should have it up for d/l by the weekend. I also plan to pull my finger out and get a couple more episodes up real quick, to make up for the lack of content. I already had some playlists sorted for two episodes before I left on holiday. There were some top choons in those lists so I might break my own rule of “nothing older than 3 months” and record them anyway hehe

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