Nu Choons Episode #010

Whoa, it has been some time since the last podcast… well, it’s all good now as episode 010 is finally here! The DJ Bass has stepped into the “studio” to assist with the mixing duties and I have to say the track selection for this podcast was pretty darn good. Big ups to you DJ Bass for making it a goodun 🙂

So, what did we play you ask? Well, here you go!

  1. Deep, Basher, and Shafie – Imperfections – Subtitles (SUBTITLESUK004)
  2. Artificial Intelligence – A Tall Tale – V Recordings (PLVCD002)
  3. Furlonge (feat. Katie Alley) – This Love – Viper Recordings (VPR030)
  4. Paul SG – Casanova – Blu Saphir (BLUS001)
  5. Random Movement – Waterlogged – Innerground (INN036)
  6. Artificial Intelligence and DJ Marky – Vertical Drop – V Recordings (PLVCD002)
  7. Camo and Krooked – Can’t Get Enough – Breakbeat Kaos (BBK032)
  8. Danny Byrd (feat. Tomahawk) – Hot Fuzz – Hospital Records (NHS176)
  9. DnB Sound Mafia – Your Love – Dope Ammo Records (DAT001)
  10. Deep, Basher, Shafie – Shivers – Subtitles (SUBTITLESUK004)
  11. Shockone – Polygon (Dirtyphonics Remix) – Viper Recordings (VPR028)
  12. Mutt (feat. Stephanie Vera) – When I – Celsius Recordings (CLS011)
  13. Mutated Forms (feat. Jenna G) – Last Time – All Sorts (ALLSORTS020)

Hope you enjoy the podcast and see you at episode 011. Peace!

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