New content on its way!

Man, before I know it time has flown by and its been a couple of months since the last podcast! So I just wanted to say that new shows have been recorded and the top 10 of 2010 will be available real soon – as in by the weekend.

I’m also busy with recording my old skool tracks to mp3 so I can finally start making those retro podcasts I talked about way back in Ep 001. Doesn’t help that I’m buying more old skool and making more work for myself, but that just means more old skool goodness for you, good listener 😉

Stick with me, I’m serious about getting more podcasts out this year.



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2 Responses to “New content on its way!”

  1. neil s Says:

    ABOUT TIME!!! lol

    looking forward to the old skool!

  2. jdnb Says:

    hehehe yeah, I know I’ve been lazy with getting new shows out. Promise to pull the finger out and keep things rollin’ 😉

    Hey, I just checked out your site. Looks good! Will bookmark and keep an eye on. Can see why you’re looking forward to the old skool. Some quality mixes available – downloading now… !

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