Nu Choons Episode #014

Sup peeps! Nu Choons back in da house! Episode 014 comin’ at ya! Gots the DJ Brons back on board for this one. Quality choons yet again (like we’d deliver anything less!). Looks like we’ve set the bar now for the number of tracks to 20, which means more muzak for your listening pleasure. Seems like a sweet deal to me.

Right, let’s get down to it. Track selection follows:

  1. Subway Funk – Zenith (from the Stacking Units LP) – Extent Recordings Group (EXTVIPGLP001)
  2. Human Factor and T-Muniz – Night Light (from Brazillian Connections LP) – Anarchy In The Funk (ANARCHY014)
  3. Smote – Born To My Soul – Fokuz Recordings (FOKUZ201105)
  4. Dave Schichman and Dave Owen – Tight Polite – LuvDisaster Records (LUV024)
  5. Physical Illusion – We Love You – Intelligent Recordings (INTLG026)
  6. Nu:Tone feat. 4Hero and Natalie Williams – Invisible – Hospital Records (NHS184DD)
  7. Majestics – Don’t Lie (from the Heartbeat EP) – Liquid Brilliants (LQBDIG039EP)
  8. PH – Round and Round – Liquid Brilliants (LQBDIG038)
  9. Nu:Tone feat. Heidi Vogel – Coming Back – Hospital Records (NHS184)
  10. Marcio Mouse – Saturday Sunshine (from Brazillian Connections LP) – Anarchy In The Funk (ANARCHY014)
  11. Makoto – Gold Old Days – Innerground (INN038)
  12. Lenzman feat. Cliff – Lose You VIP – C.I.A. (CIAUK001)
  13. Jonny L – The Rave – Spearhead Records (SPEAR036)
  14. Seba – Vanity – Warm Communications (WARM018)
  15. Camo and Krooked – Shoreless (from the Pulse of Time EP) – Viper Recordings (VPR034)
  16. dRamatic and dbAudio – Life Console – Ingredients Records (RECIPE014)
  17. Unicorn Kid – Wide Life (Nu:Tone Remix) – Ministry Of Sound (MOS163TP)
  18. Nu:Tone feat. Natalie Williams – The First Time Ever – Hospital Records (NHS184DD)
  19. Seba – Nostalgia – Warm Communications (WARM018)
  20. London Elektricity – Just One Second (Apex VIP Remix) – Hospital Records (NHS181)

Thanks again to the DJ Brons for getting over his stage fright and giving the podcast a second chance! Ok, till next time, stay cool. See you on Ep 015.

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