Nu Choons Episode #015

G’day listener, Nu Choons in da house once more. Got the DJ Bass and myself representing on the 1s and 2s for this one. As always, quality choons for your ears. Take a look at this track listing!

  1. Lynx feat. Simon Wiggins – Spectre – Version 2 – Detail Recordings (DETAIL005D)
  2. Jrumhand – Live For Today (from Jrastic Measures LP) – Textures Music Group (TMGLRS16)
  3. Anile – Change Of Direction (from New Blood 11) – Med School Music (MEDIC22DD)
  4. Paul T – Love Me – Soul Deep Recordings (SDRRLS7)
  5. Telekinesis – The Lost Galaxy (from Bad Taste Volume 4) – Bad Taste (BT012DD)
  6. Nu:Tone feat. Lisa Mellett – Win The Fight – Hospital Records (NHS184DD)
  7. Command Strange and Intelligent Manners – Talking About Love – Celcius Recordings (CLS013)
  8. Alex DB – On The Way – Anarchy In The Funk (ANARCHY014)
  9. Mikal – New World – SGN:LTD (SGN023)
  10. Crix feat. Joe Leaver – Thought Of You – Extent Recordings Group (EXTVIPGLP001)
  11. Qumulus – Soul Wave – LuvDisaster Records (LUV026)
  12. Motta – Foxy Lady – Anarchy In The Funk (ANARCHY014)
  13. LSB – All My Love – Spearhead Records (SPEARLTD005DG)
  14. Steez – Chillilane – Extent Recordings Group (EXTVIPGLP001)
  15. Nu:Tone feat. Natalie Williams – Shine In (from Words and Pictures LP) – Hospital Records (NHS183DD)
  16. Unknown – Best I Ever Had – Fokuz Recordings (FOKUZTRAVEL005)
  17. Lenzman and Switch – Ice Cold Soul – CIA Recordings (CIAUK001)
  18. Lenzman – Masquerade (DJ Die, Interface, and Will Cartwright Remix) – Metalheadz Platinum (METHPLA011)
  19. Blocks and Escher – Miller – Digital Soundboy (SBOY038)
  20. Peejay – Way To Disappear (from Way to Disappear EP) – Deafmuted Records (DFMTD006)

So if you’re reading this, how about heading over to and leaving me a comment. Would love to hear from the listeners out there as you’re all very quiet!

Catch you on the next podcast.


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