Nu Choons Episode #019

A bit later than I had hoped, but here it is, episode 19! Two less tracks than normal, but I wanted to keep the others for episode 20. Still well over an hour’s worth of music, so it’s all good!

  1. Scott Allen – Brighter Day – Celsius Recordings (CLS201104)
  2. Command Strange – Emotions – Celsius Recordings (CLS015)
  3. Implex and Enei – Iceberg (from the Sublife LP) – Respect Records (RFCD033)
  4. Mr Joseph – Cut Up Music (from the What A Lovely Time It Was LP) – Telluric Recordings (TELLP02)
  5. Intelligent Manners – Memories – Celsius Recordings (CLS014)
  6. ICR and Operon – Want To Dance (from the Chemically Dependent EP) – Fokuz Records (FOKUZ201108)
  7. DuoScience – Diva (from the Page One EP) – SP Breakz Records (SPB004)
  8. Phors – All I Do (from the Deep Inside Of Me EP) – Fokuz Recordings (FOKUZ201109)
  9. DJ Marky and S.P.Y. – Yellow Shoes – Innerground Records (INNO41BP)
  10. Cinematic – Rain Outside My Window – Icon (ICON01)
  11. GiorgioLIVE – So Nice – Liquid Brilliants Records (LQBDIG045)
  12. Enea – Back From Douala – Liquid Brilliants Records (LQBDIG046)
  13. DJ Marky and S.P.Y. – Mystic Sunset – Innerground Records (INNO41BP)
  14. Pulsaar – Sunrisetour – Liquid Drumz (10030229)
  15. Mr Joseph – Teardrop – Telluric Recordings (TELLP02)
  16. Moleman – Soar (from the Breeze EP) – Velcro City Records (VCR133)
  17. Phors – Holding On (from the Deep Inside Of Me EP) – Fokuz Recordings (FOKUZ201109)
  18. Wilkinson – Overdose – RAM Records (RAMM99D)

Hope you enjoyed the podcast. See you on episode 20!


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2 Responses to “Nu Choons Episode #019”

  1. Aaron Chapman Says:

    Mate, Please dont stop the podcasts!!
    My bro told me about your site, my life hasnt been the same.
    Im currently backpacking and i got all these podcasts on my ipod. Coulddnt do the trip without it! Keep them coming!!
    cheers to all the guest dj’s too!!

  2. jdnb Says:

    Hey Aaron, thanks for the awesome feed backl! I kept asking, and finally someone comes to the site and let’s me know what they think. Cheers! haha

    Look, sorry for the really crappy “regularity” of releasing new episodes. My excuse this time is I’m studying for an exam that’s taking up all my free time at the moment. Hopefully I pass that sucka and will have heaps more time to devote to the show.

    Thanks for listening and your support mate – I’ll pass on the good word to the guest DJ’s. Oh, and happy travels too!

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