Nu Choons Episode #020

*sigh* again, another late podcast…. sorry guys. Ok, look, I reckon this podcast is a killa, so hopefully you’ll forgive me when you listen to it. Seriously think this podcast will end up as Nu Choons Mashup Episode 002. That way you can rinse this bad bwoy out without my voice all over it (even though you love it hahaha not!)

Right, to the list!

  1. Majestics – Never (Myself EP) – Urban Chemistry (385479)
  2. Klute – Scooter – Commercial Suicide (SUICIDE058)
  3. Delta Heavy – Minus – RAM Records (RAMM100D)
  4. The Noble Six – Forbidden Kingdom (Two Thirds Remix) – Dirt, Lies, and Audio Black (DLAR00A3)
  5. Wilkinson – Refugee – RAM Records (RAMM100D)
  6. DJ Marky and S.P.Y. – Kontraband – Innerground (INNO42BP)
  7. Moving Fusion and Ant Miles – Stargate (from the Hospitality Festival Drum and Bass LP) – Hospital Records (NHS190DD)
  8. Lenzman – Broken Dreams – Metalheadz (METH094)
  9. D1 and Enei (feat. Jenna G) – Flood of Emotions – Hospital Records (NHS190DD)
  10. D Minds – Visions – Hospital Records (NHS190DD)
  11. DJ Die and Break – Slow Down VIP – Symmetry Recordings (SYMM007)
  12. Basher – Illusion – RAM Records (RAMM100D)
  13. Hamilton – Brainstorm – RAM Records (RAMM102D)
  14. Cyantific – Touch Me – RAM Records (RAMM102D)
  15. Hamilton – Echoes – RAM Records (RAMM102D)
  16. Grinda – Quite Stars – Respect Records (RFDD012)
  17. Prolix – Visualise – Integral (INTEGRAL020)
  18. Hybris – Please Exist (from The Prague Connection EP) – Metalheadz (METH095)
  19. Calibre – Touch Me (Hummer EP) – Samurai Music (REDSEAL012)
  20. Bungle (feat. Ayah Marar) – The Siren (from the Memories LP) – Spearhead Records (SPEAR039)

Seriously, how good is that last track by Bungle?! Oh my gosh! haha

Think I called Grinda’s track “Quiet Stars” on the podcast. You can blame Cyantific for that with his track “Quiet Star” from 2004 (that name is stuck in my head).

Right, out for another episode. Fingers crossed 021 doesn’t take too long to surface. Take it easy peeps!

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8 Responses to “Nu Choons Episode #020”

  1. DJ Bass Says:

    A few darker and tech type tracks in there, very un-jdnb-like but very RAM-alicious

  2. DJ Bass Says:

    PS – nice use of flange on the the last track 🙂

  3. jdnb Says:

    A few beers, an epic tune, and flange / filter controls at your finger tips – you know it’s going to happen!

  4. pascal Says:

    hello this is a new labal in chile pls listen

  5. jdnb Says:

    Hey Pascal, cheers for heads up on the label. Dig both tracks by DJ Chap, but definitely feeling Esperanza. Will drop it on a future podcast for sure!

  6. Aaron Chapman Says:

    Mate, from perth, over in canada right now for the snow season, been backpacking through asia and love your podcast!
    this one for me is right up there with podcast 13 and 11! love it!

  7. jdnb Says:

    G’day Aaron. Glad you liked it! I think I need to bust out the energetic podcasts every now and then. You know by now that my style is more of the liquid DnB vibe, but it’s always fun to rough things up from time to time! Hope you’re having a good time in Canada at the moment. I was thinking of moving there – may still end up there at some point, who knows? FYI – I’m recording Ep 021 this weekend – look out!

  8. Aaron Chapman Says:

    Mate im just like you, love the liquid DnB, love when you throw in the track with some solid piano.
    Cant wait to add the next podcast to my ipod, gonna need it when im snowboard!!

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