Nu Choons Episode #023

Well, I said I’d get another podcast out before year’s end and it looks like I’ve done just that! A bit surprised myself to be honest hahaha

I haven’t been too impressed with my release efforts over 2011. I do apologise for that. Apart from the crazy study/exam towards the end of the year (which I passed btw!) there hasn’t really been an excuse other than being too lazy. So with that, I intend to make my new year’s resolution the release of a lot of Nu Choons podcasts. I seem to have a decent following going, so time to give the listeners more of what they want. Big ups to everyone for subscribing btw – for someone that hasn’t done anything more than register a web site and get the podcast up on iTunes I am rather stoked with the numbers per episode. Cheers!

Ok, enough with the spiel, time to list the tracks:

  1. Q-Project and 8 bits – T1 – Innerground (INNO43DB)
  2. Duo Science – Category (from the Duo Science LP) – Fokuz Recordings (FOKUZ2011015)
  3. Blade and MJT – Chill (from the Breathe Deep EP) – Soul Deep Recordings (SDRRLS28)
  4. Motta and MSDOS – Blood Brothers – Liquid Brilliants Records (LQBDIG060)
  5. Ross D – Insomniac (from the Insomniac EP) – Soul Deep Recordings (SDRRLS30)
  6. Pro Luxe – My Hands are Wings Again (from the Radiance EP) – Soul Deep Recordings (SDRRLS29)
  7. Blade – Faces Left Behind (from the Breathe Deep EP) – Soul Deep Recordings (SDRRLS28)
  8. Command Strange – True Love (from the Episode 91 Album Sampler) – Fokuz Recordings (FOKUZLP008S001)
  9. C.A.B.L.E. – Fourteen88 – LuvDisaster Records (LUV035)
  10. Vicious Circle and Fierce – Euphoric (from the Oblivion compilation) – Quarantine Recordings (QRNUKCD003D)
  11. Marcus Intalex – Stark – Dispatch Recordings (DIS049)
  12. Dave Whalen and Mutt – Sarah – Celsius Recordings (CLS018)
  13. Utah Jazz – Monday Blues (from the Sun and Bass Selection 2011 compilation) – Sun and Bass Recordings (SABDIGITAL001)
  14. Bass Reflex and Marnel – Space Chipa – LuvDisaster Records (LUV036)
  15. Deeper Connection  and Scott Allen РBurning Up (from the Full Circle EP) РPhuzion Digital (PZD013)
  16. Mikal – Epic (from the Genesis EP Pt. 3) – Metalheadz (METH096)
  17. S.T. Files – The Void – Grey Audio (GA001)
  18. Vicious Circle and Fierce – Feedback (from the Oblivion compilation) – Quarantine Recordings (QRNUK2011015)
  19. Fierce and S.P.Y. – Borderline (from the Oblivion compilation) – Quarantine Recordings (QRNUK2011015)
  20. Influx UK – Back For More 2011 (DJ SS Remix) – Formation Records (FORM12145)

Thanks again for listening to the show. I would like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Hope you have as much fun on new year’s as I’m planning on having!

See you in 2011 on episode 024.



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4 Responses to “Nu Choons Episode #023”

  1. Aaron Chapman Says:

    Another dirty cast mate!!! Just baught a helmet for when i go snowboarding with built in headphones… You know im gonna be blasting that Nuchoons while im boarding ALL DAY!!

    Howd the 5 hour exam go?

  2. jdnb Says:

    Sounds like a pretty killer helmet mate. Blast on! Managed to get TWO podcasts up in one week. Still can’t believe it myself!

    Bit of a heads up – planning on recording a mix set (probably call it Mash Up #2) that’s all liquid gold. Should be around 1.5hrs long. Check your podcast feed over the next week (hope to have it ready for download by the weekend).

  3. Aaron Chapman Says:

    2 pod casts in a week! bloody hell mate! good effort! ive been enjoying that hard work in the snow! Cheers for the podcasts mate, looking forward to the mash up! Happy new year mate!

  4. jdnb Says:

    Not sure if you’ve been keeping an eye on the weather here in Perth, but we had over 39C yesterday and it’s pretty much the same for today as well. Damn hot! Good thing my aircon/pool are both in tip top shape haha

    Enjoy the snow. Re the exam – it was the rudest exam I’ve ever had to take, but it was all worth the effort in the end. Still waiting for my certificate and I sat the exam in early October!

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