Nu Choons Mix Up #001

Man, setting a precedent here… three releases in one month?! Don’t expect this to continue into 2012! hehe

Was listening to my iPod the other week and it shuffled onto a track from the Golden Orb Records label. I remembered that I purchased a bunch of tracks from this label some time ago, and how I really enjoyed listening to them. Excellent examples of quality cruisy vibes – right up my alley, as you may expect.

There’s 16 tracks and I thought it would be good to have these recorded in a mix set. Then I thought, wouldn’t it be good to share this out with the Nu Choons massive? So here you go… a quality set for your listening pleasure. Hope you like it!

Regarding the label itself, I don’t think it’s been active for some time, which is a real shame. It’s an Australian label (big ups to the Operon who manages it). For more details check out the web site:

Ok, here’s how the mix went down:

  1. LM1 – City Lights
  2. Operon – Futility Man (feat. Steph Lees)
  3. D-Fect – Eleven
  4. Operon – Acoustic Labyrinth
  5. Intelligent Manners – Showtime
  6. Operon – Inside Man
  7. Operon – Your Destination
  8. D-Fect – The Dayz
  9. Paul SG and Eros – Midnight Rain
  10. Soultec – Slice of Funk Pie
  11. D-Fect and Crix – All I Ever
  12. DJ Clart – If You Want This
  13. D-Fect – Contact
  14. Operon – So Alone
  15. Calculon – Mash Dem
  16. Operon – Served Cold

As I’m inspired to put together more mix sets, you’ll see more of the Mix Up series appear. I had fun doing this one, which should guarantee that I do more next year.

Hope you all have a wikkid New Years eve party tonight – I know I will. See you all in 2012!



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