Nu Choons Episode #028

Shouts to the listening faithful!

Took a little longer to get this one out, so my bad. I always think I’ve got more time between episodes when I really don’t… oh well. To make amends I have once again bucked the trend of 20 tracks and dished up an awesome selek-shon of 25 new tracks for you to get down to.

  1. MSDOS and Jrumhand – Calypso (from the MSDOS and Friends LP) – Have A Break (HAB033)
  2. Phil Tangent РForgiveness  РRubik Digital (RRD030)
  3. Side 1 – Ready For Your Love (from the Soul Suite EP) – W10 Records (W10DIGI004)
  4. Random Movement – Dirt Dobber – Innerground (INN047DDB)
  5. Furney – Cold Cosmic (from the City Limits EP) – Phuzion Digital (PZD023)
  6. MSDOS and Clart – Obstacles (from the MSDOS and Friends LP) – Have A Break (HAB033)
  7. Command Strange – Pleasure – Integral (INTEGRAL023)
  8. MSDOS and Soultec – Herbies Groove (from the MSDOS and Friends LP) – Have A Break (HAB033)
  9. Deeper Connection – Summer Eve Roller – SP Breakz Records (SPB017)
  10. DJ Marky and S.P.Y. – Last Night – Innerground (INN048DDB)
  11. Dave Owen – Loose Lips (from the Lab Rollers Volume 2 EP) – Co-Lab Recordings (COLABDIG002)
  12. Submotion Orchestra – All Yours (S.P.Y. Remix) (from the Love and Hate EP) – Hospital Records (NHS210DD)
  13. Jubei (feat. Consequence) – Accidental Note (from the Say Nothin LP) – Metalheadz (META002)
  14. dBridge – Not What You Want (from the Shogun Audio Evolution Series EP 3) – Shogun Audio (SHA056)
  15. DatA – Fidelity – Blackout (BMUSIC010)
  16. Velocity – Mysterious Ways – W10 Records (W10DIGI007)
  17. Total Science – Feel Me (Shogun Audio Evolution Series EP 3) – Shogun Audio (SHA056)
  18. Total Science and S.P.Y. (feat. Riya and DaM Funk) – Piano Funk – Toolroom Records (TOOL15701Z)
  19. Total Science and S.P.Y. – Whoonga – C.I.A. Recordings (CIAUK004)
  20. Vicious Circle – Solitude – Siren Records (SIREN001)
  21. Submotion Orchestra – It’s Not Me It’s You (Alix Perez Remix) – Exceptional Records (EXEC164)
  22. Level 2 – Assault (from the Red Notes EP) – V Records (PLV024DD)
  23. J Majik and Wickaman (feat. Keri Greenaway) – Don’t Go (from the Behind The Mask EP) – Infrared Music (RED002)
  24. Marcus Intalex – The Guillotine (from the Sell Your Soul LP) – Soul:R (SOULR53)
  25. SpectraSoul (feat. Terri Walker) – Light In The Dark – Shogun Audio (SHA054)

Well, apart from calling the drop the breakdown (*sigh*) another quality podcast is done. Thanks for listening. Spread the word about the Nu Choons podcast. The more listeners the better!



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2 Responses to “Nu Choons Episode #028”

  1. friedballs Says:

    Been listening to your mixes for a few months now and loving it. I dont follow the dnb ‘scene’ or anything just love the music, and listening to you and the hospital podcast are basically how I find new tunes and artists. No worries about the time off between releases, Beatport doesn’t need all my money.. do keep em coming though!

  2. jdnb Says:

    Hey there. Thanks for the feedback! Nice to know people are digging what I’m doing. Beatport seem to get all my money these days haha It’s pretty much where I get my content for the podcasts.

    I would love to get two out a month but with work and life and all that it’s a bit tricky for me to get one out a month.

    FYI I’m putting together EP029 as I type (waiting for the tracks to download from Beatport no less!). Hope you dig it, and thanks again for getting in touch.

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