Nu Choons Episode #030

Jdnb and the Kordial back once again for another podcast. The Kordial helped with the tracklisting on this one, hence the additional energy than what I normally bring to the turntables!

Twenty-one choons across a good range of artists and labels. Really liking the tracks from the HE Jam 2 three track EP as well as the corker by Emperor – where’d that one come from?! Awesome stuff mate!

Right, here come the tracks!!

  1. Rudimental (feat. John Newman) – Feel the Love (Fred V and Graphix Remix) – Asylum Records (ATUK112)
  2. InContext (feat. Jenna Hone) – Heartbeat – SA Digital (SADIGI003)
  3. Little Dragon – Little Man (Marcus Intalex Remix) – Soul:R (SOULR54)
  4. Scott Allen – Dusk (from the Inner Beauty EP) – Celsius Recordings (CLS023)
  5. Velocity – Lunar Prospector (HE:Jam 2 – part of the HE:Jam series) – HE:Digital (HEDIGI010)
  6. Fracture Design – Summer Rain – Kill Inc Drum & Bass (KINC036)
  7. Loz Contreras – Chloe’s Exodus (HE:Jam 2 – part of the HE:Jam series) – HE:Digital (HEDIGI010)
  8. Random Movement – Connections – Prestige Music (PMD003)
  9. Enei and DRS – Count to Ten – Soul:R (SOULR55)
  10. Emporer – Tension – Critical Presents Modulations (MODULE012)
  11. Sub Focus – Out of the Blue (Club Mix) – Ram Records (RAMM113D)
  12. Makoto and Danny Wheeler – Universe (HE:Jam 2 – part of the HE:Jam series) – HE:Digital (HEDIGI010)
  13. Crytical Dub – Times Ticking – Prestige Music (PMD002)
  14. Paperclip – In My Dreams (from the 2012 Atmospheric Summer Sampler) – Plush Recordings (PLUSH050D)
  15. Kator – Little Somethings (from the Liquid Colours compilation) – Liquid Drops (LD06C)
  16. In-Deed – Shoulder Tap (from the Shoulder Tap EP) – Addiction Digital (ADDIG005)
  17. Flame and Scott Allen – Drifting Away (from the Inner Beauty EP) – Celsius Recordings (CLS023)
  18. Maduk (feat. Veela) – Ghost Assassin – Celsius Recordings (CLS2012017)
  19. Random Movement and Dave Owen – Child’s Play – Prestige Music (PMD003)
  20. DJ Marky – You Know – Innerground (INN050DB)
  21. Netsky – Love Has Gone (from the 2 LP) – Hospital Records (NHS213DD)

Cool, another show in the bag. And if anyone is keeping me to my word, yes I know I didn’t get a second show out for July like I said I would. Once again, they’re done when they’re done. I just need to learn to shut up and not promise anything!

Hope you’re all doing well. Thanks again for listening to the show. I appreciate the support.



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