Nu Choons Episode #035

Howdy listeners!

As I said in the intro, I will be looking to set up a Facebook page for the podcast just so I can let you know what’s going on through what I’m guessing pretty much all of you are on (unlike myself who is not a fan of the Facebooks – just figure it will be the easiest way to connect with the majority).

18 new, 2 classics to give us the standard number of 20. Here’s how it went down for Ep 035:

  1. Centrik and Soulculture – Understood (from the Need Loving EP) – Soul Deep Recordings (SDRRLS78)
  2. Simplification (feat. Sundesire) – Illusion (from the Weight Watching EP) – Influenza Media (INFLUENZA028)
  3. Seba – Say You Love Me (from the Identity LP) – Secret Operations (SECOPSLP001D)
  4. Bank – One For One (from the Soul Cycle EP) – Soul Deep Recordings (SDRRLS77)
  5. Notion – Lies Make Love Stronger – Nu Directions (NU12044)
  6. DJ Marky and S.P.Y. – Yellow Shoes (Calibre Remix) (from Sounds of the Innerground Part 1) – Innerground (INNO56)
  7. Tobax – Futuristic Love (from the Futuristic Love EP) – Influezna Media (INFLUENZA027)
  8. Shuwa (feat. Dylan McCoy) – No City – Influenza Media (INFLUENZA029)
  9. Blue Motion – Love Mondays – Bassdrive Tunes (BDT028)
  10. Drumagick (feat. Helena Cutter) – Me Espera (Deep Influence Mix) (from the Dance Box Album Sampler 5) – BMR Music (BMR009)
  11. Marvel Cinema – Sunflower Seeds (from the Sunflower Seeds EP) – Liquid Drops (LD15)
  12. Pixel – Feelin’ It (from the Momentary Lapse EP) – Textures Music Group (TMGRLS40)
  13. Seba – Nightrider (Technicolour and Komatic Remix) – Nu Directions (NU12051D)
  14. Terminus – Twentysixthousand – Perpetual Recordings (PERDNB004)
  15. Eastcolours – Watch Out (Enei Remix) – Symmetry Recordings (SYMM012)
  16. Krakota – Analysis Paralysis (from the Flavours EP Vol. 5) – Playaz (PLAYAZ034)
  17. J Majik and Wickaman – Fight It – Infrared Music (RED014)
  18. Spirit and Digital – Backlash (Fracture Astrophonica Edit) – Phantom Audio (PHUD12001)
  19. DJ Fresh – Hear My Voice (from Junglesound – The Bassline Strikes Back LP) – Breakbeat Kaos (BBK001CD)
  20. LTJ Bukem – Atlantis (DJ Marky and S.P.Y. 12″ Rework) – Good Looking Records (GLR001DVS)

Alright, should have 20 fresh new tracks for you in the next podcast – see you then!


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